A Brief History

My Early Years


I, Kidlit Writer Tena T, was born and raised, the oldest of five, in a small town in the state of Maine. Though our town library was small, I enjoyed finding just the right books to keep me entertained.

My Banner Year

After graduating from high school I went away to college, first to a school just north of New York City and then transferring to a college in center city Philadelphia. There I met my Prince Charming whom I have been happily wed to since 1979. 😀 That was a banner year. I graduated from college, got married and started my job as an educator of young minds – a 3rd grade school teacher – all within a three month period.

And Then There Were Four

A couple of years later we moved to the island of Guam where our daughter was born. A couple of years after that we moved back to the states. When our daughter was six years old our son was born. 😯 SURPRISE! Somewhere in there I started working for FedEx and now I have retired. 😎 Ahhhh, at last, I get to work on fulfilling my dream of becoming a children’s book author.

Picture of Kidlit Writer Tena T

Scooping Books

While I was still in college and after as a school teacher 💡 , I scooped up children’s books wherever I could find them, using them in my classroom and later with my own children and then passing them on to a relative who was homeschooling.

Spread The Word

Reading is a timeless activity that can broaden children’s imaginations as well as fill their minds with knowledge (shhh, don’t tell them that). I want to assist you in doing that for the tweens in your life by providing book recommendations on topics relevant to tweens and perhaps even the occasional author interview. Don’t forget to ➡ spread the word about this blog to all your friends, relatives, coworkers and acquaintances – we don’t want them missing out on all the goodies. Oh, and did I mention I’m a time traveler? Come join me on this fantastical journey.

Thank You from Kidlit Writer Tena T

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I am a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI)  www.scbwi.org



My Current Endeavor

“Time is a place from which no mere human can escape . . . except with the aid of The Transpendium”*.

*A quote from the Protector of Knowledge from The Transpendium, a new book for upper middle grade readers, by Tena T. Publication date to be announced.