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Welcome to my Kidlit Writer Tena T’s Topics About Tweens Blog. I’m so excited that you’re here. My purpose is to help you – parents, grandparents, homeschoolers, educators, guidance counselors and librarians – by providing insights on topics of relevance to the tweens (aka sometimes totally unfathomable upper middle grade 10-12 year olds) in your lives, including book recommendations for your tweens to read to help them with those topics. I may even toss in an author interview or two. My blog is all about positive ideas. I’m looking forward to going on this incredible journey with you. Be sure to share my Kidlit Writer Tena T’s Topics About Tweens blog with everybody you know who has tweens in their lives so they can reap the benefits as well. Never fear! My time travel will not interfere.

Open book with magical purple light and stars exploding from it.

“Time is a place from which no mere human can escape . . . except with the aid of The Transpendium“*.

*A quote from the Protector of Knowledge from The Transpendium, a new book for tweens by Tena T. Publication date to be announced.